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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Woooooooooooooot !

For those that do not know - my day job is art assistant for Phil and Kaja Foglio, working on the Mad Science comic book Girl Genius...

Hereafter know as the EISNER NOMINATED Girl Genius !

...Again... Woooooooooooot!

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Terry from Saskatoon said...

Heh. I will always remember meeting Phil at GenCon 2001. I had walked up the the booth to see what was available. I was a Phil fan from Buck Godot to his strips in Dragon to a few copies of more adult books that really shouldn't have been in my too young hands. ;)

So I see this fellow at the booth selling stuff. I mention to him that I'm a big fan of Phils and we talk about a few things. Part way through the conversation, he says something along the lines of "Then I decided to go with more of a..."



I'll admit, I honestly did not believe it would be Phil himself sitting at his booth selling stuff. I figured Phil would be too busy working the Con, and this fellow must be some friend of Phils drafted for the job.

"WAITAMINIT! You're Phil Foglio?!" I said, with about the same emotion as you'd expect Lois Lane to be saying "You're Superman?"

Phil stopped, looked me right in the eye and said in a joking, yet weary tone, "You're disappointed, aren't you."

Long story short, I was a fan before I got to chat with the man. Afterwards, I was a FAN. :) I have the whole run of Girl Genius.

(BTW, in case you're wondering who the heck this is, I'm a friend of Randys from way up in Canada. I think we've met online a few times)