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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Batman Begins review

Eli - love of my life - scored me a pass to a screening of Batman Begins at the Cinerama last night. I was happy to get the chance to go, but not 'pumped'. I have become more and more disillusioned with the Bat-films.

I remember the summer of Tim Burton's Batman. I was pumped. You could not escape the damned thing. It promised a return to the core of Batman--The Dark Knight. The three amigos (Oloro Davis, Marvin Baptiste and myself) set out from the coastal town of Hale'iwa and made the hour-long drive to the Kam Drive-In in Aiea, Hawaii. Kam was an old rundown place that had just replaced the older window clip-on speakers for new-fangled radio broadcast technology in an attempt to draw kids back from the multi-plex theater in the Pearl City mall which had opened just across the street. We decied to use this to our advantage. Once there, we set up lawn chairs, soda laden ice chest and my super-base boombox. Then, just as the film started, Marvin hit record on the tape deck. Giving us a full audio recording of the entire film.

I listened to that tape all summer.

As much as I loved that film I have come to realization that it was a piece of crap. Go. Watch it again.

See? Crap.

Each film after it was only worse. Not until the Batman Animated series came out did we have a truly noble adaptation of the character. The Animated series is now the signpost by which I judge all subsequent depictions. So... The question looms, "how does Batman Begins stack up?"

It's FREEKIN' AWESOME!!!!11!one!

Director Christopher Nolan has done a masterful job. This is it, fan-boys: THIS IS THE NEW MECCA. That said - you will get no spoilers from me. Go see it your own damn self.

The most annoying thing for me is that I need to wait a week before I can go see it again.

Cry for me, Argentina.