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Thursday, May 27, 2004

What a Differance a Day Makes

Monday... I received a nice little check from the fine folks at GameMechanics for the work I did on "Modern Magic", add to that the check that is on it's way from Great White Games for my share of the Savage Worlds Adventure Deck cards -- And I'm gonna have enough playmoney for me to run out and buy me an X-Box, and pick up all those games that the cool kids have been playing for months(years?) that I could only drool over.

Tuesday... while snacking on some Crunch and Munch: Butter Toffee flavor, I cracked a back molar. No pain, but it was really sharp.

Wednesday... I called up my dentist Dr. Hackney (honest!) and got an appointment for tomorrow... For 7AM! Ugh! Then I went and saw a screening for "The Day After Tomorrow". (more on that later) A good movie, the biggest letdown was just me not getting to eat any popcorn for fear of making that molar worse.

Thursday... I hauled my Zombie-ass off to an ungodly 7AM appointment. $540.00 for a new crown, and It looks like I'm not going to get that X-Box after all.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Vote Early and Often!

The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design has voted on all the eligible products. The top five vote recipients in each voting category are the official 2003 Origins Awards Nominees, and will soon be voted on in the Final Voting Round.

The Major Item of Note
Best Roleplaying Game
Savage Worlds, from Pinnacle/Great White Games

And for some of my other, highly emotional picks for Origin awards include...

Best Abstract Board Game
Chief Herman's Next big Thing from Cheapass Games

Best Traditional Board Game
Dork Tower, from Steve Jackson Games

Best Board Game Expansion
Zombies 3: Mallwalkers from Twilight Creations

Best Graphic Design of a Board Game or Expansion
Dork Tower Board Game from Steve Jackson Games

Best Traditional Card Game
Kung Fu Samurai on Giant Robot Island, from Z-Man Games

Best Graphic Design of a Card Game or Expansion
Give Me the Brain, Special Edition from Cheapass Games

Best Fantasy Miniatures Series
Warmachine series from Privateer Press
(So pretty - So deadly)

Best Science Fiction Miniatures Rules
Diceland: Space, from Cheapass Games

Best Science Fiction Miniatures Series
Street Violence, from Wargames Foundry
(they are to drool for)

Best Game Aid or Accessory
Bag o' Zombies from Twilight Creations

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Color and Comments

Hi all. a selection of my latest color work just went up in the portfolio section. These were peices done for the Savage Worlds Adventure Deck -- out soon. I hope you like... fact -- if you do like, you may notice a new "Comments" link under my posting. This service is provided by the nice folks at HaloScan and provides a nice way to say hi, and helps provide the proof that people look at this site. VALIDATE ME!!!

Tommorow's strip is done and ready to go up tonight at midnight. It's part 4 of the Stages of Van Helsing story, and was the original ending. About halfway through the strips, I realized that I had written "the FIVE stages of the Van Helsing veiwer" as the masthead of the peice... but i had only written 4 strips... EEEP!

So a new fifth strip was done up toot sweet and should be ready by the self-imposed Thursday deadline. Enjoy!

Monday, May 10, 2004

A Bold New Direction

Ok the new comic is up for all to read. It features the first apperance of the incomparable Savannah, who will be guest starring in my strip for the next couple of weeks -- as well as the first appearance of the new Cheyenne.

"But Wait" I hear you ask... "didn't Cheyenne star in the first 6 strips with the zombies?" -- that was "Golden-age" Cheyenne, this strip features the adventures of "Silver-age" Cheyenne... a much nicer, streamlined version of the character..

And look for the forthcoming, bitterly honest, gritty, "Modern-age" Cheyenne. You know the balding, overweight, lump of worthless flesh. -- kisses!

Friday, May 07, 2004

BaDUM Ching!

Ok... today's strip is of the one joke rim-shot kind. and mostly exists to fill out the week and provide a bumper between the end of the Zombie Menace and the start of next week's story -- My take on "Van Helsing" -- which I saw at a special screening on Tuesday at the Uptown Cinemas. I've wrote one strip before seeing the film and I have had another 5 clawing their way out of my brain since the credits started rolling. so tune in next week for that!

In other news, I finished my art order for PEG's new game suppliment "the Adventure Deck"; which will show off some of the coolest color work I have done to date. And about 3 hours after I turned in the final peice I got an E-mail from James Ernest of CheapAss Games with a full color project that he wants me to work on... I can't talk more about that yet but it's cool and very unlike the other stuff I've done so far.