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Friday, May 07, 2004

BaDUM Ching!

Ok... today's strip is of the one joke rim-shot kind. and mostly exists to fill out the week and provide a bumper between the end of the Zombie Menace and the start of next week's story -- My take on "Van Helsing" -- which I saw at a special screening on Tuesday at the Uptown Cinemas. I've wrote one strip before seeing the film and I have had another 5 clawing their way out of my brain since the credits started rolling. so tune in next week for that!

In other news, I finished my art order for PEG's new game suppliment "the Adventure Deck"; which will show off some of the coolest color work I have done to date. And about 3 hours after I turned in the final peice I got an E-mail from James Ernest of CheapAss Games with a full color project that he wants me to work on... I can't talk more about that yet but it's cool and very unlike the other stuff I've done so far.

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