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Saturday, August 31, 2002

Welcome from the road..

This transmission comes to you live from San Jose, CA and Worldcon 60.Business has been great and we've made a cool impression on the west coast sci-fi fans. Here is a brief run down of the past few days.

Arrived in San Jose around noon, checked into the luxurious Fairmont hotel. Savannah and I were stuck with a single-bed room but we'll work it out. Almost all of our stuff had arrived safe and sound so we proceed the long an arduous task of hauling it from the Hotel to the convention center. After several hours we had finished set up and called it a day. I discovered the hotel pool and Savannah and I enjoyed an early evening swim.

The dealers room opened at 11AM and we were immediately surrounded by ravenous fen shoving money at us. After 7 lovingly grueling hours we retired back to the hotel... and the pool. Not for long however. It seemed that we to put in an appearance at the BASFIC room party as "honored" guests/hosts. we stayed as long as we could without offending anyone then Savannah and I made a break for food. This was around 10PM and we learned that food and 10 is rare creature in San Jose.

More of the same on the floor. Amazing rushes followed by 10 min lulls. After the Dealers room closed we went right to dinner at 50's themed restaurant "Johnny Rocket's" and as Savannah retired to bed I went to see the Lux Radio Theater troupe perform "The Adventures of Luke Skywalker", a funny take on Star Wars as if it had been a 40's era radio play ( Starring Mickey Rooney as Luke Skywalker, Humphrey Bogart as Han Solo and... dum dum dum Bella Lagosi and Darth Vader...). a fun time
was had by all.

Busy Busy Busy, Larry Niven stopped by the table. Had Dinner at Johnny Rocket's again. Wandered into a Belly Dancing party on the 15th floor of the Fairmont. Swung by the LA in '06 party on the 19th floor.

Stilly Busy Busy Busy, Phil and Savannah went for Vietnamese food I chose to get my dinner from a local toasted sub-shop. Went back to the LA in '06 party, got sorted as a "Clone Donor Canadate" for the Space Cadets. I then hung around the filk rooms and caught Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff doing a great Tolkein song, set to the tune of the Beatles Come Together -- to be a Ringwrath,
he's just too hard to see.
Come to Mordor -- Right Now
With the Ring.

Not much to say. We put in a few hours in the Hucksters room packed up our stuff and made a run for the airport.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Hey folks! Welcome to Arcane Times.

I’ll be on the road for the rest of the week. But if you are in San Jose this weekend I’ll be at the 60th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) in the McEnery Convention Center, San José, California ( Thursday, August 29 through Monday, September 2, 2002 ) and say hi. Patrick Stewart will be there Friday night. ( More here. ). And it's not too late to buy a membership from Online Registration, using PayPal. One-day rates are here.
I’ll be running the Studio Foglio booth in the dealers room and hanging out with Savannah and the filkers in the evening ( possibly at the same time, depending on Savannah’s tolerance levels ). I’ll also be working on the last of the Savage Worlds: Evernight art so stop by and see me in action.

Till next time -- Cheyenne.

Friday, August 16, 2002

Further proof that the Constitution of the United States of America is officially an anachronism
From This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow:

Do you believe that it's okay for the state to hold a citizen in a military facility without formal charges--as long as some law enforcement agency suspects him of, effectively, thoughtcrime? (In which case, perhaps you ought to consider moving to a country which places the same value on personal liberty that you do, such as, say, Iraq or Libya.)

Constitutional rights are meaningless if they do not apply equally to everyone, even Ted Bundy and Charlie Manson and Tim McVeigh, and even traitorous-high-ranking-al-Qaeda-dirty-bomb-plotting-except-as-it-turns-out-not-really gang members from Chicago. You either believe in our system of Constitutional protections or you don't, but there's nothing to debate here, especially when your strongest argument is, But he's a terrorist! I just know he is! There was never much doubt that Charlie Manson was a mass murderer--he still got a damn trial.

If you don't understand this, if you have learned nothing from the lessons of history, if you so blithely dishonor the gift of liberty which has been passed down to you from preceding generations...then I guess you deserve the world you will inevitably inhabit. Unfortunately, you will also drag the rest of us down with you, like a cinder block chained to the feet of a drowning man.

- Tom Tomorrow

Saturday, August 10, 2002

Work, Work, Work
Hey, it's my first "day off" since June 28th. I've been to San Diego and back in that time - pictures will be up soon. Right now though, i've been too busy to even turn in the film rolls for development. In fact my next two "days off" will be spent doing the design work for the Big Bad's of Savage World: Evernight. The funny thing is; this year I made a promise to myself to not to drum up more work... but it keeps coming anyway.