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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Color and Comments

Hi all. a selection of my latest color work just went up in the portfolio section. These were peices done for the Savage Worlds Adventure Deck -- out soon. I hope you like... fact -- if you do like, you may notice a new "Comments" link under my posting. This service is provided by the nice folks at HaloScan and provides a nice way to say hi, and helps provide the proof that people look at this site. VALIDATE ME!!!

Tommorow's strip is done and ready to go up tonight at midnight. It's part 4 of the Stages of Van Helsing story, and was the original ending. About halfway through the strips, I realized that I had written "the FIVE stages of the Van Helsing veiwer" as the masthead of the peice... but i had only written 4 strips... EEEP!

So a new fifth strip was done up toot sweet and should be ready by the self-imposed Thursday deadline. Enjoy!

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