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Thursday, May 27, 2004

What a Differance a Day Makes

Monday... I received a nice little check from the fine folks at GameMechanics for the work I did on "Modern Magic", add to that the check that is on it's way from Great White Games for my share of the Savage Worlds Adventure Deck cards -- And I'm gonna have enough playmoney for me to run out and buy me an X-Box, and pick up all those games that the cool kids have been playing for months(years?) that I could only drool over.

Tuesday... while snacking on some Crunch and Munch: Butter Toffee flavor, I cracked a back molar. No pain, but it was really sharp.

Wednesday... I called up my dentist Dr. Hackney (honest!) and got an appointment for tomorrow... For 7AM! Ugh! Then I went and saw a screening for "The Day After Tomorrow". (more on that later) A good movie, the biggest letdown was just me not getting to eat any popcorn for fear of making that molar worse.

Thursday... I hauled my Zombie-ass off to an ungodly 7AM appointment. $540.00 for a new crown, and It looks like I'm not going to get that X-Box after all.

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