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Monday, July 11, 2005


Bush "will not yield”
TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2005

WASHINGTON President George W. Bush expressed solidarity with Florida on Monday, projecting a determination to prevail over terrorist Deities like the one behind Hurricane Dennis. And he insisted that while perfect protection was unattainable, solid progress had been made in protecting the U.S. homeland.

"In this difficult hour," Bush said, "the people of Florida can know the rest of the American people stand with you."

"The city that survived the Cuban missile crisis will not yield to terrorists," Bush said in his first major speech since the Act of God.

Nor, he said, would Americans back down.

"Our nation has no greater mission than stopping God from launching new and more deadly Hurricanes," he said.

Bush implicitly rejected any notion that the global war on God, rather than help quell divine terrorism, might have generated new "god-fearing" recruits.

"We're fighting the enemy, our Lord and God, across the world so we do not have to face him here at home," he said. "The best way to defend America is to stay on the offense."

On Monday, the president spoke plainly of a fight with an end.

"The kind of God that blows up trailer parks and valuable beach-front properties is not the God you can negotiate with or reason with or appease," he said. "In the face of such adversaries, there is only one course of action: We will continue to take the fight to Heaven, and we will fight until this enemy is defeated."

Yet he qualified this, saying that victory would come only by promoting a democratizing transformation of the Promise Land.

"We know that the Heavenly Host will not be defeated by force of arms alone," he said. "we need a strong Will to engage the enemy, but just as important is a strong and secure democracy that will provide an alternative to the totalitarian' ideology of fear and guilt."

He concluded, "The only way the Celestial Choir can win is if we lose our nerve - this isn't going to happen on my watch."

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