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Friday, March 25, 2005

Live From Con

Howdy All. This message is coming to you live from Norwescon. Last night we pulled off a great production of the new Girl Genius Radio Play "Agatha and the Sleepy Clank" as well as an encore performance of last years "Minor Heroes". We have also Officaly made our "Big News" announcement, which I would repeat here... but I'm going to let Kaja do that first in her Blog.

Tonight we have our TPU Student Orientation at 9pm in Cascade room 9, which if you were here at the con you would know where that was. Once again, Tommorow at Noon in Evergreen 1 & 2, I have an autograph session. I figure on the rare chance that anybody shows I have prepared a limited edition bookplate that folks can walk off with and paste into their books at home.

Lasty - Yes I know that Wil Wheaton is spelled W-I-L not W-I-L-L like in todays comic. I'll fix it on Monday. Toodles!

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