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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Gen-Con and Back Again

Hi there boys and girls. I'm back from Gen-Con and finally rested enough to
look back at it with some sort of objective opinion. First of all I had a
great time hanging out with folks I normally only know by their screen

The con as always felt HUGE on day one and tiny the rest of the week. I
think it has something to do with relativity. The more time you have to goof
off the larger the main hall appears to be. And I had very little time to
goof off.

In the course of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday... I ran an Introductory
adventure for Necessary Evil called "Fighting the Good Fight" seven times. I
was only SUPPOSED to do it six times, but I through one more in for good
luck. The feedback I got from the folks that played was positive. Of course
by the last session I was in "the zone" and kinda wished I could have had
the chance to re-do the original days games. Ah well -- the wayback machine
is still on the fritz so maybe next year.

I did get to PLAY in one session, Joe Unger's "Red Rising" which promises to
be one hellva "Hard-Sci-Fi-Alternate-History-Cold-War-Espionage" game if I
ever saw one...

Indianapolis stinks.

To be clear... I don't mean that it has a lack of culture or fine after-hour
establishments for the traveler looking to drink and be merry... I mean it
smells... rEEEaly bad. Even to I, a veteran of gamers cons, this town made
my eyes water. Like some sort of fermenting manure was leeching up from
beneath the city. It stank like one pictures New Jersey is supposed to. Had
an animated rotting corpse clawed it's way from a manhole cover to feast on
the flesh of the living I would at least be able to point and say "AH!
that's where that smell came from". A friend tells me that this is common
not only to Indianapolis but to all of Indiana itself. Good god, those poor
people... the STENCH!

No wonder the setters kept moving west.

Best game to play drunk -- F*CK THIS

Best line of the Week -- "now if we can only find a place that smells this
bad with even fatter residents... we will be like GODS!"

Best Epiphany -- "Dude that's not the skipper... that's Gill Gerard!"

1 comment:

Clint said...

The smell was astounding, wasn't it? And I agree, with the stench and the steam rising out of the manhole covers at night, I think we all would have been a little more relieved if C.H.U.D.'s had started climbing out into the streets.

"Oh look, a reason for the stench... and it's something we can kill in revenge!" ;-)