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Thursday, July 15, 2004

My Princess Diary

This Wednesday's strip is a fairly accurate event. It was a Saturday night. I was online at an ungodly hour playing 'City of Heroes' when I spotted Shane's character come up. I sent out a "howdy" message and he said "hi" back -- then he invited me to join his team on a mission in 'Steel Canyon'.
He also said "I tried to get a hold of you via IM -- but you weren't on all day".
"nope" I replied "the IM on my home computer is all wonky, it hasn't worked for weeks".
"Well I got something I want to talk to you about..." He said "can I call you?"
"ok" I said and made sure he had my new phone number.
We talked for a bit, while our superhero avatars stood twiddling their thumbs. When we were done, I had a 3 book deal and strange mixture of elation and dread churning in my stomach. "This was the big time" I told myself "you do this right and you could be up there with the likes of Elmore and Brom in 2 or 3 years -- Screw it up and you are over..."
Then Shane's avatar piped back up. "Hey wanna go do a mission? I got one in the sewers in Boomtown."
"Sure" I said
And off we rode into the sunset -- killing zombies as we went.

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