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Monday, April 26, 2004

Rippers and Pokey

Pinnacle has announced its new mini's based Savage Worlds game. It is called Rippers and you can get the low down over here. I did some really early design art for the game, and one cool sort of toss-off piece will be a really kick ass figure in the game. So let's give a shout-out to PEG for having such good taste.

I attended Sakura-Con this weekend. For those that don't know, Sakura-con is/was a 3 day convention for anime enthusiasts. it's 4500 anime fans (median age 16) showing off the most elaborate hall costumes I have ever seen outside of the San Diego Comic-Con. the Highlight of the con was meeting the Penny Arcade guys and performing in the Girl Genius Radio Play. Lowlight goes to our table being stuck in the "dealers room 3 ghetto".

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